What is External Wall Insulation?

E.W.I. – External Wall Insulation is a layered insulation system that is fitted like a jacket over the outside of a building.
Its main advantages are that it thermally protects the whole home as well as protecting the structure of the building.
It can be fitted with minimal disruption to daily life as all the work is done outside, and it dramatically prolongs the life of the structure it is applied to.
It is most effectively used on hard-to-treat buildings like park homes.


How it works

Imagine our cladding system being like a big jacket, we wear jackets in the winter to keep our body heat from escaping, therefore keeping us warm. And during the winter your Therm-eco jacket will keep the warmth you generate within your home from being lost through the walls. However, during the summer we don’t wear our thick jackets so that our body heat can escape and keep us cool - unlike your home where you simply switch the heating off. But a park home is just as vulnerable to the heat coming in as it is going out. So having protection from heat penetration is equally important. With the lowest u-values available, your Therm-eco external wall insulation system is proven to be the most efficient way of doing both these jobs.

Now imagine having a jacket that not only provides thermal protection, but also reduces noise intrusion, stops damp and mould, prevents degradation, and comes in a range of colour to suit any taste - a jacket so hard-wearing you don’t have to replace it for a guaranteed minimum of 10 years.


The facts

Government research has proved that external wall insulation (E.W.I.) has several major advantages over the alternatives:

The thermal values of E.W.I. are consistently much higher than with cavity wall or internal lining insulation.

E.W.I. is applied to the outside of your home and so protects the structure of the building where other systems do not.

Because E.W.I. work takes place entirely outside, it can be fitted with almost no interruption to your daily life.

One of the biggest advantages of E.W.I is that it can be used to improve the appearance of your home, and with a Therm-eco E.W.I. system you can choose from an infinite range of colour to suit your taste.

All the major benefits of having an external wall insulation system like ours fitted to your home can be found in the governments’ good practice guide no. 293 on external insulation; we recommend this as further reading (click to activate link).


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