Stage one

The first part of the job is preparing the home for the system to be fitted. All fixings that protrude from the surface need to be removed, i.e. exterior lights, aerials, etc. Once this has been done, the starter rail is fixed to the bottom of the wall to support the insulation, and sill boards fitted to the bottoms of the windows to compensate for the depth of the cladding.
60mm thick interlocking insulation board is then fixed to the outside of the whole home and all the exposed edges are fitted with corner bead.

Stage two

A special polymer based render designed specifically to adhere to our insulation board is now applied to the whole home, and a glass fibre mesh is set into the surface to give it maximum strength. This is finished off with another thinner layer of render to cover the mesh and prepare for the final stage.

Stage three

The final stage is to render on a top coat in your choice of colour, the render has high quantities of marble dust which, because it is one of the hardest stones available, significantly increases the durability of the visible surface, as well as providing an attractive texture.

This layered, integrated system of insulation provides a decoration and maintenance free finish which we proudly guarantee for ten years.