The insulation board we use is renowned for its exceptional thermal qualities; it’s lightweight, and ours is designed to be interlocking for maximum strength and thermal protection.


The base render is designed specifically to be applied to our insulation board and has polymer resins to help it adhere to the surface. The inclusion of fungicides in the mixture also helps prevent degradation and discolouration in the many years of your systems life.

Glass fibre mesh

Glass fibre is revered for its incredible strength and reinforcing qualities, and for that reason our glass fibre mesh is embedded in the first layer of render to bind the surface together. Its use in our system means that the surface can expand and contract all year round.

Top coat

The top coat render is specially mixed with silicone, it is completely water repellent, frost resistant to -60°, and breathable. Marble dust is one of the hardest stones on the market and its inclusion in our top coat makes for one the toughest mixtures available. In fact, it is so resilient you need not repaint your home for at least 16 years. It is also available in any colour.

Fire rating

The system also has a fire rating of zero, which is the highest specification available.